About Us

WomELLE 2nd Annual Conference!

Why Jump Start Your Business Conference 

We believe small business owners can make a huge different in this world. Our vision for the conference is to empower the world’s small business owners to build better, attract stronger clients,  by bringing them together in one powerful event. 

About WomELLE

WomELLE is a community that brings women across the globe together to share ideas and provide guidance that allows us to achieve our collective and individual goals. 

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2018 Conference

WomELLE 2018 Conference is to expand business owners capacity for leadership by providing actionable information about personal growth, positioning, negotiating, communication, branding, and marketing development. 

2017 Conference

October 2017, we had over 30 speakers with over 250 participants (men & women). Last year conference focus on Leadership and this year will focus on helping you grow your business. 

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Online Networking Community

On-line community networking opportunities that empower our members to fulfill their potential. Members can create a professional appearance profile, business page, ask questions, post topics, post videos, events, recipes, live news, groups, create a resume, apply for jobs, contest, polls, classified, create an online store, quizzes, post properties for sale or rent and a lot more. Our community is for women in business and leadership. The online community is also available on the app store.

WomELLE Magazine

WomELLE Magazine is a woman magazine with over 15000 readers worldwide. WomELLE magazine gives women a place to exhale while showcasing their expertise. We publish 12 themed print and web issues a year. A place for women to lead and grow their business.

Coaches Marketplace

WomELLE Marketplace is a woman coaching marketplace connecting people (known as “Buyers”) with a vast pool of talented women coaches (“Sellers”) offering every coaching service you can imagine from leadership, business, marketing, life, wellness to career, and executive.

Swap Services

Swap Services is a trading platform designed for our members. Our members can trade services to each other. It gives our members the possibilities of getting services for services, of excluding the middleman, of avoiding the need for money to get what they want. Any member who has services that may be of value to another member can be a successful user of our platform.

Story About US

WomELLE established  in 2014 as a successor 501(c)(3) not for profit organization in 2016 by Naghilia Desravines, helping women nationally. As a mother, a leader, a giver, Naghilia goal is to help women paint their future. Since starting WomELLE in 2014, seemingly overnight, we built a community that supporting more than 300 women across United States with mentoring, leadership, business and networking. When we help women, we also help the rest of the family because a strong woman builds a strong family. 


Jump Start Your Business Conference

Join us for a day full of presentations, breakout sessions, panel and networking to grow your business. Tickets will include admission to the entire day of the conference, prizes, and networking.